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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The size of your campervan

We like having a small campervan and certainly in summer it is more than adequate for our camping needs. We spend a lot of time out of doors and use the van for cooking and sleeping.

Some vans have fixed beds to save the work of making up a bed every night. In summer, the design of the Sundowner means that we can leave the beds made up every day if we are eating out doors, we just put the sheets and duvets away. This gives us two couches which are excellent for lounging on, using the front seats that are turned round to lean against.

On our big trip we have been able to eat breakfast outdoors up until December in Spain; there have been some mornings when it has been too cold, but not too many. By December it is dark by 18.30 and we haven't eaten an evening meal outside since October in France, as we usually eat around 19.30 and it goes noticeably cooler, even in Spain, once it is dark.

Even in colder weather, the van is fantastic; the diesel heater soon warms up the small space and we are lovely and snug. The problem is not the van, but the campsite facilities. Our post for 14 December describes our experience at one campsite, but the same is true of many sites; the toilet blocks are rarely heated and often do not have exterior doors, this makes showering a drafty affair on days when it is breezy and cool and we look enviously at those vans with their own bathrooms.

The photos give you an idea of the space we have available in our Blue Bus.

This link will take you to an article that was published in Motorhome Monthly Magazine in 2012 about Living with a Devon Sundowner, if you want to know more about our van.

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