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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

VW T5 Devon Sundowner

Our van is a VW T5 Devon Sundowner, built in 2007. If you see us, a wave is always appreciated!

Devon owners have now got their own website and forum up and running, thanks to the hard work of Bob.  The website can be found here and has some useful information about Devon vans.  From this site Devon owners can access the forum and make contact with other owners of Devon vans.

You might wonder how we have managed to afford to buy a new campervan and spend a year not earning. This has been a project we've been planning for about three years and there's no magic answer for those of you itching to make your own escape; we've just earned and saved in a number of ways:

  1. Selling stuff on Ebay - a big thank you to everyone that bought the stuff we cleared out.
  2. Working - Anthony grafted away at the University of Central Lancashire and Carol has worked in many different posts over the past three years, sometimes three at a time, so thank you to all those employers.
  3. Downsizing - we managed to sell our house, thanks to a lovely couple, and moved to a small flat to pay for the van.
  4. Going without - over the past three years we've lived without new gadgets, clothes and stuff and saved instead.
  5. Cheaper holidays - having bought our first Campervan in 2005, we've saved money as we've holidayed.

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