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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Stopped into a church I passed along the way

As intrepid travellers we have discovered the National Park Dell’Adamello in Lombardy: This isn’t at all true, as the area is busy with Italian tourists. However, it does not feature at all in our Rough Guide, in the way that Preston does not feature in the Rough Guide for England, but then charming as corners of Preston are, it is not a rugged and mountainous area thronged with Italian tourists.

We have found that camping and walking in Italian National Parks is a pot luck activity. There is a lovely campsite here and although there were no walks signed from the top of the cable car, there were signs as we walked and we managed to spend a pleasant few hours hiking. We stopped for lunch at a small church, Santa Giulia, at 1860 m; helpfully provided with a lovely view, a drinking water fountain and plenty of sturdy picnic tables. The simple rustic church was a cool space to sit in and the two elderly ladies in pinafores who were busy in the church kitchen smiled their greetings. Every Italian family group we met stopped and asked us whether they were on the right path for the church and apologised when we struggled to help them; we think they just like to stop and talk.

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