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Monday, 17 August 2009

A bridge over troubled water

Any small town you arrive at in Austria, you soon have a handful of leaflets and maps with details of local walks and cycle trails. We had a marvellous day from Imst, following the Rosengarten gorge, full of a gushing and enthusiastic stream, over bridges and walkways to Hoch Imst and then taking the cable car up to 2,100 metres and walking to the nearest hut for a beer. Carol came back down the cable car with the rucksack, while Anthony took the faster route on the longest Alpine Summer Toboggan run.

The Austrians take hill walking seriously and despite temperatures of 30 C, blue skies and no snow or peat bogs in sight they are out walking in boots and tut in German at our walking sandals. However, while we carry a rucksack with food, waterproofs, compass and whistle and an emergency first aid kit, they carry nothing, relying on the huts for food and shelter from the weather and clearly the English walkers for an emergency eye patch.

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