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Monday, 17 August 2009

The hills are alive

It seems you meet no one from England for weeks and then four come along all at once: The campsite near Innsbruck was more crowded than a festival campsite, with only centimetres between the vans and tents. At 33 Euro a night it was also more expensive than a festival and the facilities were not much better. Not surprisingly we only stayed one night and missed out the delights of Innsbruck, despite enjoying sharing jokes and stories with fellow English travellers and completing an excellent book swap with Kevin and Julie.

The campsite at Imst suits us much better; from our pitch we can see fields of creamy brown cows, bright green meadows, high craggy mountains (all very Sound of Music!) and a McDonalds sign; we like to have the countryside in our sights, but with civilisation (not that Macdonald’s meets that criteria) within reach too. This blog reaches you courtesy of the McDonalds free wi-fi, eating fries was a small price to pay.

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