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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I read the news today, oh boy

Austria does not feel edgy; the scenery would do for any Christmas day jigsaw puzzle, the cafes are lovely and it welcomes visitors warmly. We are aware that politically Austria leans to the right and we are interested in how this fits in with the community action that is in evidence. Although it seems idyllic, if we believe the news all is not well: There are concerns about the state of Vienna's sandpits, they need cleaning up and one in three bicycles in Vienna are stolen. In Preston, when the local cider drinking community took to sitting on a particular bench, the Council's solution was to remove the bench. We notice that the Austrian reaction to the sandpit problem is to improve the clean up of the sandpits and call for better sand. It is taken for granted that certain facilities will be provided.

We are leaving St Johann im Pongau very reluctantly. From here we have cycled, taken walks, visited the Leichtenstein Klamm and the lovely wooden water mills and each time returned to this lovely campsite with good hot showers, fantastic alpine views, space to play frisbee and free wi-fi. However, we are making our way back to northern Italy to meet up with Matthew and Rachel, so we must move on.

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