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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

We don't need no education

We visited Civita in the Pollino National Park, shown in the photograph.  It is a beautiful hilltop village, hanging over a deep and rocky gorge.  While we were sitting in the shade by the central drinking fountain a school group arrived on a coach:  Large groups of Italian young people have accompanied us in most places and they are interesting to watch:  The nearest the groups ever get to a uniform are matching coloured caps for the infants;  the teachers are always relaxed and calm and appear to have little to do with the young people in their charge; in Civita, as elsewhere, the young people were mostly self-absorbed; they filled up their water bottles, bought ice creams from the shop and talked to their friends.

 Pollino National Park is a beautiful mountainous area, dotted with stone-built hill-top villages.  We enjoyed driving through the green and pleasant landscape and not a single campsite to spoil the view!

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