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Sunday, 17 May 2009

highway to hell

This is not say we do not like the Bay of Naples, but having left paradise, we did travel along the strada 666 and then down the coast road; kilometre after kilometre of the poor end of Blackpool like development. In comparison the campsite at Pozzuoli, 10 kms outside of Napoli, is an oasis of green, set within the crater of an extinct volcano with the hint of rotten eggs in the air, as hot jets of sulphurous steam burst through the earths surface here. Close up, Carol found the stench of hydrogen sulphide unbearable, while Anthony, having become hardened to the aroma of chemicals after years of working in Biochemistry even enjoyed lounging in the sulphurous sauna.

In the narrow, shaded streets of Napoli’s Centro Storico we visited Pizzeria Di Matteo.  It has the look of a greasy spoon cafĂ©, with formica tables and an entrance through the kitchen, but the pizzas are fantastic and only 3 Euros; a thin base with a hint of wood smoke from the oven and a rich topping that delighted us with the summery taste of fresh tomatoes, olive oil and basil.

As the temperature has risen we have been forced to sample a few flavours of Gelato Artiginale:  Anthony is partial to the strawberry and Carol is leaning towards refreshing lemon.  Although we know that Italian red wine is very drinkable, the hot, sunny weather means a beer is often our drink of preference.


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