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Friday, 15 May 2009

Cool for cats

Essential supplies on board the van now include cat food. We have not been surprised to meet lots of cats in Italy: On the campsites, they gang up and sit outside your van looking needy and hungry.

They can spot a soft touch when they meet one, but are not so skilled at spotting vegetarians: We tried them on soya milk and vegetable curry, but haven’t yet found a cat that thinks this is acceptable fare and so have succumbed to buying a bag full of food for them. We now also check for furry stow-a-ways when striking camp.

At Pozzuloi we were formally introduced to Fifi, the 14 year old campsite cat, who looked very well looked after and we were relieved to see had no need of our emergency cat food supplies. However, a young grey kitten took a shine to us and came calling every evening for some food.

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