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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lookin' for adventure and whatever comes our way

We have pottered through France over a few days; driving through villages and small towns and miles of cultivated fields.  We rarely met lots of traffic and the travelling has been pleasant and relaxed, with picnic sites to stop at and attractive views to accompany the music from the MP3 player.  Occasionally, we have stopped for a while and we spent a pleasant hour wandering along the Medieval walls of Langres in the sunshine on Friday morning, before continuing on our way.  The photo shows Anthony enjoying a tea break and the ancient art of pond gazing.

At Culoz, near Aix Les Bains, we decided to have a rest day from driving and spent a day sorting out laundry and enjoyed an afternoon cycle ride along the lanes to Lac du Bourget and through villages scented with blossom and wood smoke.  Cycling in France is always pleasant; the motorists give you lots of space when they overtake and here there is considerable safety in numbers; all the other cyclists looking as if they are practicing for the Tour de France.

We have had plenty of opportunity to remember absent friends, as we have already enjoyed some of the gifts we have received; The Champagne marmalade goes down very well with crusty bread in a morning; Sue, Janet and Luke won’t be surprised to hear that some of the shortbread didn’t even make it across the channel and the tin is already in use for keeping some of the bike spares we have with us.  We’ve also enjoyed a good bottle of red and Anthony, of course, won at our first game of Pass the Pigs.  Thank you everyone for your generosity.

We have seen Goldfinches, Red Squirrels and a Peregrine over the campsite (not together!), Red Kites and what we can only identify as Booted Eagles, although the variety of birds of prey that they could have been sometimes frustrates our bird watching.

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