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Monday, 2 June 2014

We are back!

Delamere Forest Camping & Caravan Club site

It is quite a few months since we last posted on the Blog (if you are counting it is almost nine months!)  The time has flown and although we have done some lovely things during the last nine-months the lack of posts is a lot to do with a couple of incidents that happened in 2013 that disrupted our lives somewhat.

Firstly, Anthony was run down by a car while walking to work; this required a hospital stay and surgery to his left-hand which is now much better, although he will never get full use back.  He wasn't able to drive for about four weeks.  We had no sooner started to recover from this and Anthony's Dad died; this sad event meant that we were pre-occupied with sorting out his estate (nothing grander than a semi-detached house).  Add in to this mix Carol changing jobs and you will not be surprised that the Blog has not been a priority.

Cycling near Formby
However, we have managed to get away during the last few months and we have continued to enjoy using the van.

We have had some lovely weekends away with friends in Delamere Forest and the Peak District and we met up with the Devon Owners Group at Harbury again in May; this was a great weekend meeting new and old friends and seeing how everyone has made their van their own.

As a couple we had a long weekend around Northumberland, which included a beautiful sunny day at Cragside; the weather was so good we never even went to the National Trust tea shop.  We cycled some of the excellent cycle routes around Southport and spent some time in Scotland at Easter which included staying at the camp site in Ullapool which we had last camped at in 1981!

Our next European tour is only a few days away now and we can't wait, so watch this space, the next post will be from France.

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