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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Where do you get your hair cut? You look like a rolling gnome

After three months of being away from home we were both in desperate need of haircuts. In the attractive and relaxing town of Ptuj we decided to seek out a Friserski and found Madje. She did not speak any English, but with some German and polite gestures we both emerged looking much more presentable. Small talk was limited and Carol wasn’t asked where she was going for her holidays this year. Madje gave Anthony the local paper to read while he waited; his Slovenian is coming along well and he now knows that Gordon Brown is wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour.

Despite temperatures of over 30 C, we spent a day cycling around the Drava valley from Ptuj and managed 50 kms of good, mostly flat, cycling on country roads, through fields of corn, sunflowers and courgettes and busy haymakers. The campsite has an amazing range of facilities, including ten, yes ten, swimming pools and we recovered from the cycling by swimming and lying around in the fun massage bubble pool.

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