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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Loving you whenever times are good or bad, happy or sad

We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in a number of ways:  A couple of days before we spruced ourselves up and splashed out on a posh meal in Gubbio, that Anthony finished off with chocolate pizza!

We spent our anniversary day in Bologna, with some retail distractions to replace more things that have broken (walking sandals and cycling gloves) and to walk the 3.5 km colonnade with 666 arches to the Santuario di Madonna di San Luca.  This is something that has been on our list since reading Rebecca Solnit’s book, Wanderlust:  A History of Walking; an inspirational book about so many aspects of walking.  The colonnade was superb, firstly following the city streets with shops opposite the arches, then heading steeply up and out of the city boundaries to the Santuario, all in the shade with different views through the arches.  We were joined by joggers and walkers out for the exercise on a measured route.

In the evening we enjoyed talking to Bev and Dave from New Zealand, via Bristol, who generously shared a couple of bottles of wine with us and lots of travelling tales.


  1. Happy Aniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary and Congrats ...

    Was it really 25 years ago - my memory must be ... err ... what was I going to write?

    It's a good job this blog can be bookmarked to help find it :-)