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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Camp site overview

We have stayed on 123 different camp sites during the trip, from the fantastic to the dreadful.
This link will take you to a fun article I had published in Motorhome Monthly Magazine about the variety of shower facilities on campsites.
The overnight charges by camp sites vary widely and do not always relate to the facilities they provide. However, for those of you planning a similar trip the following information may be of interest to you.
The range of prices
The cheapest camp site we stayed on was the Municipal site in Tomar, Portugal that was 4.53 Euro per night for a site with hot showers and good, clean facilities. The most expensive was in Ptuy in Slovenia at 36 Euro per night; this price included unlimited access to the swimming pool complex of 10 pools, indoor and out.
More details about each campsite are in posts for each country.
Broken down by country, overnight charges on camp sites have been within the following ranges:
Cheapest – camping St James les Pins, Guillestre at 11 Euro per night, a lovely site and very good value
Most expensive – Camping Chantecler, Aix en Provence at 23 Euro per night
Cheapest – Corigliano at 9.50 Euro for a stay of more than three nights (this was cheap because not all facilities were open in May).
Most expensive – Camping Piccolo Paradiso in Sasso Marconi at 29.50 Euro per night, this was an incredibly over-priced site.
Cheapest – Camping Wieshof, St Johann im Pongau, 22 Euro per night with electricity and one of our favourite sites
Most expensive – Camping Stigger, near Innsbruck, charging 32.80 Euro a night for a cramped space with poor facilities and best avoided
Cheapest – Natura Campground in Podcetrtek at 18 Euro per night in high season, without access to the aqua park and very good facilities
Most expensive – Terme Ptuj, Ptuj charging 36 Euro per night in the high season, but this includes access to a huge swimming pool complex
Please note that staying on a site in Spain during the winter months for longer periods can give you very good savings. We did not stay anywhere long enough to qualify for such savings.
Cheapest – Camping Sierra Espuna, El Berro at 13 Euro per night, a beautifully positioned site with reasonable facilities
Most expensive – Camping Marjal, Guardamar at 30 Euro per night in November is expensive although the facilities are very good
Cheapest - Parque Municipal in Tomar is unbeatable value at 4.53 Euro per night in the winter and only double that in summer
Most expensive – Vale Paraiso Camping in Nazare at 18 Euro per night, expensive for fairly average facilities

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