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Friday, 27 May 2011

What a shower part two

The fantastic bread in France is worth the ferry costs alone, you have no sooner crossed the channel and you can buy a decent baguette worthy of spreading good butter on in any small town Boulangerie, if only this were possible back home. Move to Chorlton, we hear you cry; a big win on the premium bonds would be the only way this could happen and then a terrace within spitting distance of Barbakan would have to compete with a chalet with a view of the alps, geraniums on the balcony and a choice of excellent Backerei around the corner - all just a dream.

We are feeling good after a week of good bread, good red wine and lots of physical activity; on a campsite everything takes more human-energy than home. We enjoy doing all these things and they never seem like chores, but even walking to the sanitary block, hand washing clothes, filling up the van's water tanks and emptying the on-board loo all take more exertion and that's all before we've spent the day walking or cycling.

Those of you who have read Carol's 'What a Shower' article in MMM and in previous blogs will know that we have enjoyed and endured many different types of showers. The campsite at Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne has taken the shower experience to a new high-tech level. The shower and toilet cubicles have movement sensor lights; the lights come on when you enter a cubicle and we approve of this effort to save energy. Unfortunately, in the showers the sensor is in the section of the shower for hanging your towel and dry clothes, this combined with a push button shower keeps us very active when showering - sashaying between pushing on the shower and waving at the sensor!

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