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Sunday, 25 July 2010

From nine 'til five I have to spend my time at work

We thought we would add a postscript to our blog, updating our readers (nearly 10,000 and rising) on how we have coped with returning to life in Manchester.

The good news is we have both managed to find work, even in the currently shrinking Public Sector. Carol is back in the NHS and Anthony has a job in a school, so doesn't return to the nine to five grind until September. We miss the freedom of travelling and spending our days walking and cycling in beautiful places; our window boxes are full of lavender, rosemary and thyme to remind us of southern Europe. We miss the warmth of the sun and that sense of total relaxation. Carol in particular will often think wistfully about where we were this time last year.

However, it is lovely to spend time with our friends and family; the photos show us out and about in the Peak District. The saving up for next time starts here!