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Monday, 17 December 2012

I don't stay nowhere long

2012 has been a good camper van year; we have used the van for 59 over night stays on 36 different camp sites; many of these for weekends long and short from February until December, in various parts of the country, from Whitby to London.

During the summer we are strict with ourselves and make sure we go camping every other weekend, whatever the weather and however exhausted we are from work, occasionally we have been blessed with sunshine and always we have been glad we made the effort to go.

The van is only now starting to show some signs of wear and tear after 537 nights sleeping in it over the past five and a half years and we are bracing ourselves for the cost of new upholstery and flooring in 2013; other than this, it is bearing up to our usage very well and we are very pleased with the Blue Bus.  You might have seen our article in Motorhome Monthly Magazine (Summer 2012), Living with a Devon Sundowner, which tells of our experiences of living in the van.

Highlights from our weekends away in 2012 include:

The seals at Donna Nook
Camping with friends

Three Pigeons in Graigfechan
Cliff-side camping in Whitby
Winter sun in Norfolk
Howgill Lodge site Wharfe Dale