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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Don't make me go home

The day we get on the ferry back to the UK is getting closer; although we are not negative about coming home, the very best thing about the past year has been the freedom to do as we please, without having to go to work and it is hard to feel positive about returning to being a wage slave once more. Although we are not sure we will ever get the opportunity to have a full year travelling again, we have started to think about how our future can include long trips with the Blue Bus.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone we know back at home and stuffing our faces with crumpets, chip butties and Theakston’s Old Peculiar at our first opportunity, while reading the Guardian. However, at the moment we are getting wistful thinking about the things we will miss about camping in mainland Europe. This list includes:

Fantastic bread – only the UK is obsessed with sliced white loaves
Quiet roads and motorways with no traffic jams
Meeting new people
Sitting outside in cafes drinking good coffee and watching the world go by
Cheap and good red wine
Small, spicy green peppers
Tins of tiny green lentils
Star-gazing on camp sites
Seeing new places and exploring
Warm sun
Sleeping in the van
Having the time to bird watch, look at flowers and generally enjoy the natural environment
Sweet, juicy oranges

The photographs are from Praia de Mira, a resort that does not have a lot of charm, with the exception of the blue and white wooden church; inside this has a mixture of religious and fishing icons. The beach at Praia de Mira stretches on and on; the fishing folk were on the beach messing with nets, boats and tractors.


  1. Hello Carol & Anthony,
    I have followed most of your trip and enjoyed it all - BUT the question is - have you put weight on - or are you leaner after all the excercise?
    I think we should be told!!
    Paul Enticott

  2. Hi Paul
    Not sure if you are suggesting we are obsessed with food! Rest assured, we've managed to do just enough exercise to work off all the good food, so we're about the same as when we came away. We had no option, as the budget didn't stretch (groan) to a new wardrobe.
    Carol and Anthony