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Friday, 2 October 2009

Summer has gone and passed ...

It is October and we are still wearing shorts!

Travelling through southern Europe, it seems to us that whatever some people might think in England, we are Europeans; our history, our social and political systems, our geography and our economy are all closely inter-woven with that of European countries and as we have visited different places and seen and learnt more, these ties becomes clearer – the Romans, the Renaissance, the I and II World Wars and so much more are all shared experiences. Why then, don’t we have a special relationship with France or Germany?

In Orange and Nimes we have visited many Roman buildings and are constantly impressed by the scale of their buildings and the skilfulness of their stone masons. The Theatre in Orange was a particular highlight, where we learnt something about life in Roman colonial towns.


  1. Nimes eh? It's Preston's twin city so I guess you felt at home straight away. Do they have grey wheelie bins there? Aidan TB

  2. Nimes didn't seem to resemble Preston very much at all and kept its twin city very quiet. We didn't see any wheelie bins, mostly they have large bins here.