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Friday, 9 October 2009

Standing at the fork in the road

The French are very polite and helpful. Twice while out for a walk in the Cevennes we have been studying our map at a cross-roads and a Renault has screeched to a halt and the occupant helped us find the correct route. The first apologised for not being able to speak English, the second seemed to realise we were English despite our excellent French and gave us directions in our own language. We don't understand why people say the French are arrogant, unless they are confusing arrogance with pride in their country.

The French word for tyre, pneu, is one of those we struggle to say with a straight face and so we had to practice hard before we went in search of two new front tyres for the van to ensure we did not giggle inappropriately.

The Campsite near Anduze, Camping Cevennes-Provence, deserves a mention after an enjoyable six nights here. The site is prettily set on a hill, with lots of tree-lined terraces that are a warren to explore, with different views and a stone tower at the top. A river runs along the site and one evening we think we spotted an otter out for a swim, as well as being a good place to watch Dippers and Herons. It is also in an area with some fantastic walks, what more could we want.

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