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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Such a lovely place

The Triglav National Park is the most protected landscape in Slovenia and the beauty of the area attracts many visitors. It is a lovely area with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and we are enjoying plenty of walking and cycling.

We are impressed with the friendliness of Slovenians and the relaxed and casual atmosphere of the country. The statistics show that poverty in Slovenia is below the European average and that economically it is a fairly equal society, although since the move away from communism inequalities are increasing. This seems to have resulted in a country that is flourishing.

The Slovenia we have observed has sufficient wealth, is clean and well kept, welcomes visitors and happily accepts that most tourists do not speak Slovenian. The landscape is on a human scale; around every corner is a brightly coloured house with red geraniums trailing from the window boxes, a herd of brown cows or pretty goats, a small and lush vegetable patch, a rustic barn, a welcoming cafe or a flower meadow. The wine tastes good, the beer is refreshing and the many varieties of bread are all delicious.

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