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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The representative from California has the floor

Graz is the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger; not a reason to avoid this lovely Austrian city, particularly as the city has distanced itself from him recently following a disagreement about the death penalty.

Graz is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a refreshing mix of Renaissance and modern architecture, with an expected beautiful main square of ornate buildings and trams and the modern balloon-like Kunsthaus merging well together.

Taking the funicular up to the castle is Carol's idea of extreme sport and gave a birds-eye view of the city. It is pleasant to be in a country where we can speak the language and understand what is going on, even if a cup of coffee is twice the price of anywhere else we've been.

The confortable Camping Central in Graz is next to a large outdoor swimming pool, which is excellent, although you do have to share it with the ducks: We are amused to see that the ducklings know their place and use the toddler pool.

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