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Friday, 10 June 2011

In summary

The above photographs for our French trip are from our time by the Loire.

We have come up with a number of things that could summarise the trip:

  • Excellent cycling
  • Driving on empty roads and getting the best miles per litre from the Blue Bus (8.1 miles per litre)
  • One tick each and so excellent use of the tick lasso and the TBE jabs
  • Three snakes
  • Acquiring of nice tans - up to the start of our cycling shorts
  • Lots of fun

Total costs £
Ferry: Portsmouth to Le Havre 161.48 (including inside cabin)
Ferry: Zeebrugge to Hull 209.60 (with outside premier cabin & dinner)
Campsites 183.60
Supermarkets / food 285.30
Cafes and restaurants 175.50
Diesel 260.00
Other 92.00 (wi-fi, tolls etc)
TOTAL 1,367.48 (for 18 nights)

Anyone paying attention will notice that this is loads cheaper than last year. Going out of season makes lots of sense; cheaper ferries and also cheaper camp sites, thanks to ASCI. Camp sites in France generally cost less than in Germany.

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