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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Teapots, Dolmens and Waterfalls in Limousin

Regular readers will know that we take the mobile, in mobile home, seriously and after three nights we left Airvault and headed off for the Plateau de Millevache. We planned to get to Meymac, but are easily distracted and a charming municipal site next to a large pond in Lacelle took our fancy. The facilities were limited, but as no one came to ask for payment we couldn't really complain. We ate in the sunshine listening to the frogs in the pond, using our very stylish and bargain Ebay buy teapot; while window shopping in a small French town, we had spotted the same teapot in a shop for 33 Euro, we had found it on Ebay for £9.

We enjoy days when we travel and stop to see sites along the way; the Blue Bus means we can have lunch or a brew whenever we please. The photos show we had a brief stop at a Dolmen and detoured into Gimel-les-Cascades on the way to the Dordogne to walk along the waterfalls.

Anthony success as a chick magnet has been somewhat limited, but he can console himself by being a very successful tick magnet; we had spent the not insubstantial sum of £11 on a tick lasso to deal with these tiny pests and were therefore moderately excited when he found a tick on his leg minutes after our arrival in Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne - that £11 was not wasted!

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