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Sunday, 29 August 2010

France and Germany August 2010

In August 2010 we had both secured employment despite our age and shabby appearances and we were ready to take the Blue Bus back to Europe; unfortunately only for 18 nights as we were now restricted by annual leave requirements.
We made our way through France, stopping at
Chalons en Champagne and Vilsberg, near Phalsbourg, near the German border.
We journeyed happily into Germany, camping at an old favourite site in Stockach and on to Oberstdorf in the Oberallgau.
Oberstdorf provided excellent walking (see photograph on the right) and is a bustling holiday destination, but we had mixed weather and after a few nights, we set off back towards France.
We stayed one night near Rastatt and the Rhine, then continued to Verdun.
Verdun was a good choice and we had an excellent couple of days cycling around and learning about the history of the area.
Our last campsite was at Charleville-Mezieres, near the Belgian border; an excellent campsite, a lovely town within walking distance and a Voie Verte cycle route along the river (photograph on the left) made this a fantastic holiday place for us and we may well return.
A separate post shows the campsites we used.

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