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Friday, 8 January 2010

Look at those cave men go

The Megalithic Portal is one of Carol's favourite websites. It is not the smartest website, it has a cluttered and home-made look to it; with adverts for moon stones and books about energy healers, photographs of sites and menu and search subjects all crowding for space. This said, it is one of those sites that make the world wide web so fantastic and useful, set up by a volunteer it relies on contributions from other enthusiasts and so is always individual and often quirky and provides a growing database of information on pre-historic sites in the UK and Europe.

We found out about the dolmens near Antequera through the Megalithic Portal and visited on our way from Cordoba to Marbella. There are three dolmens around the town, including the Menga Dolmen which is thought to be the largest in Europe. The structure of this 5,000 year old dolmen is monumental in scale; the walls and roof are built of huge stones that would have taken some shifting without a JCB. It was a wet day and we were lucky to be able to explore this interesting and enigmatic site on our own.

From the Costa del Sol we got our first glimpse of the continent of Africa, but don't let the photograph fool you, the elephant is on the beach in Marbella, looking longlingly across the Mediterranean.

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  1. Hello Carol & Anthony,
    Just to say how much I love following your blog - keep it up!

    Paul in Devon (-10 degrees this week)