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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Technical IT related stuff

Some technical tips

Wi fi on camp sites
Sometimes it is worth paying for 7 days wi fi when you are only staying on a site for 3 or 4 days, as this can work out better value. It is then worth hanging on to passwords etc until the 7 days are up, as the next site may use the same Internet Service Provider and you may be able to sign on to the internet without paying any extra.

Back up photographs / documents etc
We upload photographs on to the laptop from the camera and have a pen drive and an external hard drive for back up. The external hard drive is kept in the van, but the pen drive comes out with us. Whenever we get the chance we also upload photographs to Facebook and our blog. Hopefully this way we won't lose the photographs.

TV card
We bought a Hauppauge WinTV USB adapter to use with the laptop and a small, cheap analogue aerial from Maplins, which also picks up digital TV. This set up has allowed us to watch TV occasionally; we have mainly used it to watch Grand Prix races in different countries, with varied success and have occasionally picked up BBC World. This set up will not pick up British TV and at a new location scanning for stations can take 15 minutes.

Motorhome Facts
For a small annual fee you can get loads of useful advice from fellow Motorhomers on this marvellous website, well worth subscribing to and lots of fun.

Blog counter
We only thought about adding a counter to our blog after eight months away. A counter can be found, at no cost; google blog counter, hit counter or stat counter for any number of possibilities.

We used Google's Blogger for this blog and it seems to have worked well enough. You can choose the layout you wish and it is easy to use. This is a good way to keep those back home informed about your travels and works as a journal for the trip and an additional back-up for photographs. It can be a good idea for this to one person's responsibility, to ensure continuity in the style of the blog.

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