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Friday, 1 January 2010

On New Years Day

When the Moors were expelled from Granada, many fled to the Alpujarras, around Orgiva. They left their mark on this area in the agriculture and irrigation systems; to us their influence is most noticeable in the white mountain villages, with flat roofs of schist blocks covered with slate shards, round capped chimneys and narrow winding streets with covered walk-ways.

We celebrated the start of 2010 by driving up to 1,300 metres to the attractive village of Pampaniera and walking along the footpath to Bubion, through Chestnut and Eucalyptus trees, the smell of woodsmoke drifting in the air, views of snowy peaks. We met lots of other groups of walkers out enjoying the breezy sunshine. A stream had washed some of the path away at one point to make the walk a little more exciting and we returned on a different route and had a Spanish-time lunch in Pampaniera's pizza restaurant.

Staying in the house in Orgiva has been a fantastic break from camping in the van for two weeks and just what we needed in the damp weather we have had. We can recommend the house if you fancy a holiday in this beautiful area; Sheila and Jack are extremely welcoming, the house has been cosy and warm and there is no shortage of things to do. You can find rental details on and search for property ID 7463.

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