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Saturday, 21 November 2009

All you did was wreck my bed

Yes, another video! Make sure you have your volume on when you watch.

We thought we'd demonstrate how easy it is to make up the beds when we arrive at a camp site. For the purposes of the video we have done this with the passenger door and side door open to help you see what is going. We always knew it was quick to make the beds, but even we were surprised to find that at normal speed the process took only 2.5 minutes.

In the video, Anthony is demonstrating the lounging position for day time use, at night we sleep the other way round, with our feet towards the cab.


  1. Its obvious your film making skills are taking the same trajectory of profressional film making over the last 50 years, gone are the simple documentary pieces presenting information (al a "Inside the Van" and "How to Skim Stones") that marked the first decade of CandAVison, we are now entering the age of light entertainment, the era of the Benny Hill music, welcome to the 70s!

    I fully expect that by the end of the trip we will be seeing full CGI with dramatic story lines and of course be voting out our least favourite VanMate.

    Glad you got the video uploaded!

    lots of love

  2. We are pleased to see that Matthew's Media Studies AS has proved to be so useful.