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Friday, 2 October 2009

Where do we go now?

The pattern of our trip is controlled by ourselves to a large extent, although we never know what we will find and who we will meet. We are content to find a lovely spot and stay there for a few days, and find pleasure in getting to know a small town and its surrounding area more intimately on foot and bicycle. However, we also find that we enjoy the nomadic nature of the trip; there is always the optimism that we could arrive at the most fantastic campsite in Europe and the excitement of not knowing what the day will bring as we cruise along unknown roads listening to good music and luxuriating in the warmth of the sun.

Many camp sites in France have closed now for the winter, although it is still over 25 degrees C and this will also influence where we stay.

The photograph was taken in the lovely Jardin de la Fontaine in Nimes; the first public park in France and dotted with Roman ruins incorporated in to the 18th Century formal terraces and ponds, shown in the photograph.

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