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Sunday, 11 October 2009

When she walks by she brightens up the neighbourhood

The Camargue is a protected area in France and Europe; the Rhone delta is a vast area, important for wildlife and plants, with strict limits on development and traffic and the area is managed by a conservation charity.

We cycled along the tracks, in to the reserve; a stunningly beautiful area of lagoons, salt marsh and sturdy plants that can withstand the salty and windy conditions. We watched numerous flamingoes, little egrets and curlews and enjoyed the cheerful colour of the Golden Samphire. The deep pink of the underside of the wings of the flamingoes when they are in flight is stunning. On the edges of the reserve the characteristic white horses are common and black bulls stand up to their knees in the lagoons.

In Saintes Maries de la Mer, you don't have to get out and about to experience the wildlife. Anthony risked public humiliation, taking the camera into the toilets to photograph the tiny bright green European Tree Frog that finds camp site sanitary facilities the perfect location for insect catching. This fantastic frog, about 3 - 4 cms long, would be very difficult to see in the wild, but is easy against white PVC windows.

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