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Sunday, 20 September 2009

To live without my music would be impossible to do

While we have been away we have bought two new CDs; this years Green Day CD, ‘21st Century Breakdown’ and the new Muse CD, ‘The Resistance.’ Coincidently, the lyrics of both CDs depict a dark world we need to break free from and speak of the oppression and control in society. Musically, they are very different; while Green Day continue to thrash out angry, political rock, Muse have made the inevitable evolution to a rock-symphonic sound.

After a wet day driving through the spectacular Verdon Gorge and a tri-lingual argument with an arrogant camp site worker, we spent a couple of days on the Presqu’ile de Giens on the Mediterranean coast. On a campsite we would recommend to anyone with sinus problems; we were surrounded by eucalyptus trees and their scent hung thickly in the air, you would save a fortune in Olbas Oil. We cycled along the old salt pans, stopping to watch the Flamingoes, Little Egrets and Avocets, to the pleasant little town of Hyeres and walked through the shady terraces of the Cubist garden, Parc de St Bernard, full of glorious flowers and shrubs and later dipped our toes into the sea.

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