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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

They call me baby driver

We play crazy golf whenever we get the chance, but Menaggio on the shores of Lake Como was the first time we were aware of playing on a world mini golf sport federation course. It was also the first time in Kubicki family history that Carol had ever won!

Menaggio is a pretty little town where you are never more than 100 metres from an ice cream shop and with plenty of opportunities to catch boats to other pretty little towns. The 1930s Lido in Menaggio is a fantastic curvaceous building of that period, recently renovated and has a micro-brewery. It contrasts with the rest of the town, which is more typical of northern Italy.

After four nights in a hotel, getting used to our own bathroom, a swimming pool and a buffet breakfast, we are wondering how we will adjust to life in the van again. It has been so good to spend the last ten days with Matthew and Rachel; next time we see them it will be Christmas.

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