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Friday, 11 September 2009

If there's a letter in your bag for me

The number of other British campers we have seen has markedly increased since we arrived in France. On the campsite in Guillestre we have chatted and swopped books with Mike and Doreen from Stafford. They have many years of travelling experience behind them and tell a good tale and remain enthusiastic about exploring new places.

The insurance for the van is due this month; the campsite is a bargain at 11 Euros a night, and with free wi fi and a book of local walks from the Tourist Information, waiting for the post to bring the insurance documents is no hardship. The documents reached us after three days, so full marks to Safeguard and La Poste.

The photograph is at the Col de Bramousse, at 2,250 m a lovely viewpoint; we rested and ate our picnic here, closely watched by two vigilant Marmots, while we watched a Spotted Nutcracker flitting among the pine trees.

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