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Sunday, 2 August 2009

We rely on each other aha

We have always delighted in the ability of Austrians and Germans to celebrate: Every time we visit we find ourselves amongst a festival and Rust on the Neusiedler See was no exception. These local celebrations share many of the characteristics of a wedding, with all ages taking part, even the teenagers attend. Alcohol is always in evidence, Rust was having its wine festival and you were able to taste as many as you wished of the 50 local wines; everyone sits at wooden tables and listens to a band bashing out hits from the 60s onwards; that sugary classic ‘Islands in the Stream’ was played by different bands on both Thursday and Friday night, and the dancing is always started by an elderly couple who have clearly taken ballroom dancing lessons and want everyone to know. The food at these events is usually very much wurst based. However, the Neusiedler See is partly in Hungary and we were pleased to be able to once again eat Langos, a fantastic deep-fried bread, about the size of a naan, covered in garlic; we’d not had these since we’d been in Slovakia in 1992.

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