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Sunday, 2 August 2009

This means nothing to me ...

The Donau-auen National Park is in the small part of Austria between Vienna and the Slovakian and Hungarian borders. Some of you may remember the fight to save this flood plain from a massive hydroelectric scheme in the 1980s, the legacy of which is an ecologically important area on Vienna’s doorstep. We cycled from the campsite in Vienna into the national park, through lush woodland, broken up by grassy clearings and shallow pools.

It is hot in Vienna and everyone is out enjoying the good weather. Cycling along the Danube out of the city you firstly pass through the BBQ zone, where families have set up a gazebo, a picnic table and a BBQ, watched over by the Grillplatzmeister to ensure nothing gets out of hand. After this comes the busy naturists area, stretching over a couple of kilometres. Cycling in European cities is always fun and from the campsite there are also excellent routes in to the city centre. We joined the throngs in Prater Park, a wonderful green play ground in the city, where a trip on the big wheel you may remember from the film ‘The Third Man’ is a must. … Oh Vienna!

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