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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Take a long holiday, watch the children play

We are now three months in to our trip, goodness a quarter of the way through. Even though we worked hard to make the trip happen, we do occasionally reflect on how fortunate we are to have this time.

A feature of campsites in the alps has been the arrival of the coach from Hungary or the Czech Republic: 20 or so small dome tents spring up around the coach and they all head off walking or canoeing. The campsites are now also bustling with families as school holidays are in full swing and any tourist attraction that is going to be open is.

In the Dolomites we were too early for some of the cable cars. Here in Slovenia we were able to whizz up to 1,500 m in a few minutes and walk around Golte's high pastures and woodland. We sat outside a wooden hut, a glass of the local blueberry schnapps in our hands, warm sun on our faces and a view of mountains and valleys and cute cows with bells and felt good with the world.

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