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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Get myself absolutely soaking wet

It is now only four weeks until we will be spending ten days with Matthew and Rachel and we are starting to count the days, we can’t wait to see them.

This also means it is only four weeks until we will have a shower to call our own and we are starting to fantasise about that luxury. We have become experts on campsite showers and rate them according to the following criteria:

Space – is there enough space to shower and still have a spot that is dry to get dressed in and will your towel still be dry after you've showered? The showers have varied from those with no room to put a leg in a pair of shorts, to the ones at Sangro river in Italy which were as large as our bathroom in Salford.

Hooks – three hooks for towel and clothes is ideal, but a standard not often reached.

Water – is the shower a dribble or a full on downfall? Is there hot water – never assume there will be – and is the temperature adjustable?

On/off controls – We are not keen on the showers where you have to keep pushing a knob to keep the water flowing after Anthony returned from one shower looking like he was entering the wet t-shirt competition after leaning against the knob after drying and getting dressed and getting an unexpected soaking. We have also come across sensor controlled showers that you have to dance in front of to ensure a steady flow – this is fine so long as no one is watching.

Shelf – the best showers have a shelf or tray for your shower gel and shampoo.

Cleanliness – It is fantastic if you can time your shower for immediately after the cleaner has visited, otherwise it is lovely when there is a mop to clear up the muddy footprints of the person before you and enable you to leave the shower sparkling for the next camper.

The photograph is Lake Bled, the most popular resort in Slovenia and also the easiest to pronounce; these two things may be related. The lake is picture box pretty with its castle and island and bustling with people, but it retains an easy going atmosphere.

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  1. Oh my god - you are so right! Havent had the pleasure of the dancing about sensor shower yet; is it like one of those loos where if you lean back it flushes while you are sat down ;-)

    Looks like you's are having a great time