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Monday, 22 June 2009

I'm going to walk on up to the waterfront

Lake Garda seems a world away from southern Italy: We have had a trip on the cable car and walked through alpine flowers at 2,000m, we have played crazy golf and Anthony won and we have listened to buskers while sitting in a café, it is like a proper holiday.

In Malcesine we have found a small and possibly perfect campsite; it has no announcements about the children’s disco or water aerobics, instead it has views of the surrounding mountains and the castle, an olive tree by the van back door and is close enough to get our morning bread in the local shops and so does not need its own supermarket. Malcesine has plenty of retail opportunities; if we wanted to we could even buy the Daily Mail here. Anthony feels that all it needs is an Indian restaurant to make it perfect!

The photograph shows Carol walking up the Monte Baldo ridge: We watched Alpine Choughs swoop over the cliffs, saw azaleas, globe flowers and gentians and walked up hill quite a lot.

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