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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Trivial, but useful tips for anyone planning their own trip

Some trivial and useful tips for any holiday in a campervan

Haircuts - after a few months it becomes necessary to get your hair cut, this can be difficult in other languages. Anthony takes a passport photo of himself taken just after a previous cut, he shows this to a hairdresser and ask for a cut that is the same.

Take a dressing gown - we felt this was something we didn't want to make space for, but soon bought one. Useful at camp sites where showers are too cramped to get dressed, for keeping warm while making the morning cup of tea and for wearing on the way to the swimming pool.

Visit a weigh bridge - load up and check what capacity, if any you have before you set off.

A journal - this helps us to remember where we have been and provides us with an opportunity to reflect on good and bad experiences.

Use skype - this is a fantastic way to phone home. We would usually pay for some internet access on a camp site, so being able to ring home at the same time is a bonus.

Silk sleeping bags - these were expensive, but an excellent investment. In very hot weather they are lovely to sleep in, keeping you warm enough at the coolest part of the night. In very cold weather they are a warm, extra layer with the duvet. They weigh very little and take up minimal space.

Mosquito nets - something to stop small creatures flying in on hot days is useful. We use muslin sheets hung over the doors, some vans have these built in, otherwise it is worth rigging up something.

Electrical adapters - it is worth getting a UK adapter for european plugs to use in the van if you have to buy some electrical equipment while you are away, for example a new kettle. This will allow you to plug it in to the UK socket in the van, without having to change the plug.

Teabags - Somehow European teabags are only strong enough to make dishwater. Take as many as you can carry and stock up if you are passing Gibraltar.

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