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Tuesday, 21 April 2009


We spent many holidays in our youth backpacking and so we are used to having clothing for holidays that is easy to wear, can be hand-washed and dries quickly.

For this trip we planned the clothing we would need and purchased items over a period of 12 months. Light-weight performance clothing for walking, cycling and travel wear is often expensive and huge savings can be made by buying in sales or second-hand on Ebay; this is particularly useful for Rohan gear, which is very expensive, but if you have the time you will often find what you need on Ebay.

Our trip has given these items a long-term test and manufacturers we would recommend include:
  • Alpine Lowe - their dual fibre dryflo briefs are the most comfortable and quick drying underwear money can buy. Their dry flo tshirts are also marvellous.
  • Rohan - particularly good for trousers and shorts, light-weight fleece jumpers and shirts.
  • Karrimor - some good light-weight tshirts
  • Columbia - Anthony has one excellent tshirt of theirs, bought some time ago and never seen again!
  • Icebreaker - their merino wool tshirts are fantastic to wear and wash
  • Berghaus - tshirts and long-sleeved tops can be good
  • North Face - good quality shorts

We also took Tilley underwear, but found this did not perform as well as Alpine Lowe. The Rohan fleece jumpers are so good, the cheaper ones we also took feel like a mistake.

In the van we always use camping or travel towels, such as LifeVenture or Blacks own brand. These dry quickly and don't get damp and musty when they can't be dried outside.

Everyone's needs are different, but we packed as follows (where there are two numbers, the lower one is Anthony's clothing):
  • Shorts - 2 pairs
  • 3/4 length trousers -2 or 3 pairs
  • Trousers - 3 pairs
  • Tshirts or shirts - 8
  • Jumpers - 2 or 3
  • Long-sleeved tops - 1 or 4 (Anthony does not feel the cold!)
  • Nightwear - 2 sets
  • Shoes - 2 or 3 pairs of sandals, 1 pair walking shoes, 1 pair of outdoor shoes and 1 pair of Crocs each
We also packed cycling shorts and swimming costumes.

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