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Friday, 20 March 2009

What we will miss

It is more a case of who not what; although what does include Marmite, real ales, crumpets, The Guardian, Book Group, the Archers, seeing PNE make it to the Premiership (in Anthony's dreams) the Foxton Centre, chip shops ... and many more things we've not thought of at the moment.

Who we will miss are all of our friends and close family;  Top of the list, of couse, are our son and his fiance, Matthew and Rachel, pictured here in the Lake District.  We're pleased that we will be seeing them in Italy in August and Spain for Christmas and New Year, when they will be coming out with luggage packed with Marmite and crumpets!

It would be fun to meet up with any friends who are visiting southern Europe while we are away.  Do get in touch if you think we might be nearby.

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